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Take Command of Every Corner in Your Home

Take Command of Every Corner in Your Home

A fully automated home makes life easier for everyone.  Motorized shades that’ll lower to keep the hot sun out, lights that can dim or brighten, and music that can follow you throughout your space – it doesn’t get any more luxurious!

But there’s an initial question most Dallas, TX homeowners have before they get smart home control – how are they going to manage all of this without getting a headache?

Your cohesive, centralized system means you can use one source to control every single smart technology and feature in your home.  But what type of devices are best for you?

Below, we go into the various options you can choose from, and which ones might fit you and your family best.  Keep reading to find out more!


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4 Big Questions Architects Have About Smart Home Automation

4 Big Questions Architects Have About Smart Home Automation

As a home automation installer, we work with many architects and builders throughout the Southlake, Texas area, and it’s kind of funny how often the same questions come up. Especially for construction firms just dipping into the smart home automation market, it can seem daunting.

If you’re in that boat, we hope this article will be useful to you. Below, we answer the most common questions about smart home technology we hear during the home planning and construction process.

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What exactly is home automation?

Smart home automation is technology that allows the homeowner to simplify and customize the way they interact with their home. This means everything from motorized window shades, smart lighting and audio/video, temperature control and more.

Homeowners can control these systems via a single remote or device such as an iPad or another touchscreen device. Home automation carries many benefits like saving energy, increasing convenience and simplifying tasks for the homeowner, ultimately providing a luxurious living experience.

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Immerse Yourself with a Quality Home Theater System

Immerse Yourself with a Quality Home Theater System

Bringing the movie-going experience to your own home means upping the immersion factors, and truly engaging with films on your screen.  But half the riveting atmosphere is due to clear, high-end audio enveloping you from all sides.  Along with a 4K Ultra HD screen, perfected surround is one of the many features that will considerably enhance your home theater system in your Dallas, TX space.  Read on below to learn more about these essential audio and video components.

Surround Sound

Where you place your speakers is a vital decision.  To create the ultimate surround sound system, setting multiple speakers around the room, depending on your theater’s size, will create the best sound and help the existing acoustics.  Install your seating in the “sweet triangle” precisely between the left and right speakers, so that nothing muffles the sound – and be sure to choose leather or another fabric that doesn’t absorb noise!

If you don’t want that many speakers messing with your home cinema’s theme or décor, there are plenty of hidden options available.  Whether concealed within the walls or hung from the ceiling, you can still maintain your design without the equipment taking up space in the room.

However, bookshelf speakers are a great option if you don’t mind the look of the components, and want to place them on top of cabinets, tables, and other furniture easily.  Perhaps your theme is a more traditional theater feel.  If so, standing speakers are sure to be the focal points of the room that will make your space look like a downtown commercial theater.


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Get More Use Out of Your Media Room

Get More Use Out of Your Media Room

When crafting your Fort Worth, TX media room, you might only be thinking of where you’ll place your 4K TV screen or how to arrange your seating for the best view possible.  But you can use your entertainment space for so much more than a crystal-clear showing of a film!  Read on below, as we highlight the various ways to utilize your multi-purpose media room.

A Place to Jam

Whether you’re home by yourself or surrounded by family and friends, a good song can always elevate the mood.  By setting up a smart audio system in your media room, you can have your entire music library at the tip of your fingers.  Turn on your favorite playlist or change songs on command, all from your smartphone, tablet, or anther smart device.  And with a multi-room music setup, you can also have the high-end audio fill up the room, and then follow you throughout the house as you walk around.

Truly enhance your audio into top-notch quality with the right speakers.  To keep your room from being dominated by the AV equipment, choose bookshelf speakers to place inconspicuously on top of furniture or cabinets.  You could also hide speaker within the walls, so they’re completely hidden all of the time.


Transform the Room

The best part of a multi-purpose media room is how it can fully change into a room of relaxation and tranquility when your TV and speakers are not in use.  Here are some of the great smart technologies that could entirely alter your room.

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How to Find the Right Home Automation Company for You

How to Find the Right Home Automation Company for You

Upgrading to a smart home might already seem like a daunting task, with plenty of steps to take before you get there.  With so much at hand, you need a company that makes the planning and designing simple for you, and is most importantly, looking out for your best interests.  Finding a low voltage contractor to install or add to your home solutions should be the easy part, but for many homeowners, it’s tough to know which companies are worth considering.  Here are the simple steps to take to find the perfect home automation company to assist all your endeavors for your Colleyville, TX home.

1. License to Install

While low voltage licensing is not a requirement in Texas except for companies who install security and alarm systems, if do you want any security features in your smart home, you’ll definitely want to make sure that the home automation company you’re working with has required their contractors to have low voltage licenses. 

Obtaining the license requires many hours of training and a passing score on a thorough exam that ensures the installer knows the proper safety, regulations, and building codes.  Knowing your contractor has this low voltage license means you won’t have to worry if they’re qualified – they will be guaranteed to do the job right and safely the first time around.


2. Insurance is a Must

You never know what can happen – unwarranted and unexpected obstacles and events happen every day on the job.  When things go wrong, insurance is the answer.  If your home automation company is missing that, mark them off your list.  If an installer or worker is injured at your house, you could be held responsible.  With an insured company, you are no longer liable.  You can stop expecting the unexpected and leave any issues for the company to solve and settle.

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Smart Home Systems: A How-To for Architects

Smart Home Systems: A How-To for Architects

Homeowners these days are installing smart automation systems into their residences and homebuyers want them already in place upon purchasing their new house.  This means an architect has to know the ins and outs of smart home control before getting started.  But with new technology and additions piling up, it can feel overwhelming.   We’ve listed out below how to get started with a smart home system, so that Fort Worth, TX architects won’t miss a beat in the ways of new automation technology.

Home Automation

A smart home system controls, essentially, whatever you need it to control.  Integrated technology allows you to remotely control any part of the home – lights, security, climate – you name it.  So for clients who want to make their lives easier and more comfortable, home automation is the key.  With the proper installation, they can adjust their motorized shades, lower the temperature, turn on their favorite music or movie, and set the alarm all from one access panel or smart device.


Before and After

So does the primary installation happen during or after construction?  Like most aspects of construction, it truly depends on your clients.  The good news is if you plan accordingly beforehand and have a set idea of what elements and features they want, then you’ll know exactly what to put into place during the building process.  If your clients have a problem with visible wiring, then preplanning the design and layout of necessary wiring can help you avoid a blundered final product.  No need to open up walls again or carve out more construction time, when it can all be done right the first time with proper planning.

Who to Work With

The luxurious smart home technology of today has greater installation needs than the basics usually require.  This means a general electrician might not have the skill or knowledge for installing the tech effectively.  It’s beneficial to work with an automation contractor, who can help with the first steps of designing and wiring, all the way to the final project completion.  They’ll have expert knowledge on the custom technology and can work with you to make sure everyone is on the same page.  Working with an interior designer can also guarantee that the building and construction process is still aligned with what your client’s dream home is.

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Why Smart Window Shades Are a Great Addition to Any Space

Why Smart Window Shades Are a Great Addition to Any Space

Whether you’re completely new to home automation or you’re looking to upgrade an existing system, there’s one component that many homeowners overlook. Plenty of people want to start with their home theater system or their security features – both great ideas. But if there’s one aspect of your home that you should really consider upgrading, it’s your window treatments. Smart shading systems can help save you money, add privacy to your spaces and reduce the damage that the sun can wreak on your internal furnishings. In this blog, we’ll show you why they’re perfect for every room of your home.

Smart Shades Are Perfect for Any Season

Did you know, motorized shades can help you reduce your overall energy consumption? By helping you regulate temperatures inside your home, and preventing valuable AC air from escaping through the windows, you can enjoy a more comfortable home without having to adjust the thermostat.

That makes them perfect for your home all year round. While the Texas temperatures are sweltering in the summertime, your shades can help keep you cool by containing the cool AC air. You can even integrate sunshades – translucent coverings that filter in light without the heat.

Plus, in the winter, heavier curtains can help keep your rooms from getting too cold. By creating a small pocket of air between the window and the curtain, your motorized shades can keep you comfy without extra energy.

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The Easiest Way to Control Your Savant Smart Home System

The Easiest Way to Control Your Savant Smart Home System

What’s the easiest way to control your Savant smart home system? From one-touch commands to simple voice-activated controls, there are plenty of ways you can enjoy taking advantage of the technology in your home. In this blog, we’ll show you the many different benefits of finding the custom control solution that works for you. Read on to learn more!

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Use the App

Have you ever sat down in your media room to watch the game only to realize that you couldn’t find the TV remote? It’s one of the most frustrating experiences you can have. So just imagine having to find the remotes for multiple devices, like your TV, surround sound system, shades, thermostat and lighting. That would be totally impossible! So why not centralize control on a device that hardly ever leaves your side – your smartphone.

By installing the Savant app on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll have immediate control over every aspect of your integrated technology system. With intuitive, easy-to-read buttons, you can lower the temperature, select a program and even check security footage within a matter of seconds, and you won’t even have to get up to do it.

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4 Simple Reasons You Should Work With a Home Automation Installer

4 Simple Reasons You Should Work With a Home Automation Installer

Thinking of upgrading your property with a smart home system? You’re probably trying to weigh the options: should you go hardwired or wireless with your audio system? Can you install a home theater by yourself? These are the types of questions that many homeowners face. But the truth is, you’re almost always better off working with a professional home automation installer. Sure, it may seem like the initial investment is higher than what you want to pay, but in the long run that investment pays off. In this blog, we’ll give you four solid reasons to work with an integrator.

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Reason 1: They Know What They’re Doing

Installing a smart automation system is a bit more complicated than assembling your average Ikea coffee table – and we all know how annoying that can be. But when you’re working with electronics, the challenges can quickly become overwhelming. You may think it’s easy enough to install a smart thermostat, and you may even be right. But when you want that thermostat to talk to your surveillance cameras, or to respond to a single command that lowers the shades and dims the lights while playing a movie on your AV system, you enter a whole different world. 

Think of it this way: you may be able to change a tire or buff out a dent in your car, but you probably can’t fix the transmission. The same goes for your home automation system.

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Motorized Shades, Smart-tech to Reduce Energy Consumption

Motorized Shades, Smart-tech to Reduce Energy Consumption

On average in the city of Keller, Texas there are 235 sunny days per year with July being the warmest month. That being said, what can homeowners do to protect their interior finishes and keep HVAC units from working overtime? The best ideas are those that keep the heat from entering a home, think motorized shades that block solar heat gain or taking your cooking outdoors. Read on to learn more about how you can combine the latest smart home technology with common practices employed by homeowners before central AC was en vogue.

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Cool Down, Block Out Sunlight

During the sunniest parts of the day, you may find that sunlight streams into your home, and while the natural light is welcoming, it can also have an adverse outcome, quickly heating up your indoor spaces. The result: your AC unit is forced to work harder to keep these rooms cool and comfortable. Improve the cooling performance of your HVAC system by adding motorized shades made of UV-resistant material. Each solar shade type has a UV rating, which measures the shade’s ability to restrict harmful rays from passing through it.

Automate Operation, Restrict Harmful Rays

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Smart Home Control: Why Consult a Professional?

Smart Home Control: Why Consult a Professional?

In the world of smart home control and automation, you probably know that there are two routes you can take: DIY or professional installation. For some homeowners, DIY may seem like the better choice. After all, aren’t smart devices easy to install? Won’t you save time and money by turning your home upgrade into a weekend project? The answers to those questions may not be as simple as you think. In this blog, we’ll show you why it may just be in your best interest to seek professional help, even when you think you can do it yourself. Read on to learn more.

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Many smart devices tout their simplicity. Not just the way you interact with them, but their easy set up. And if you just want the very basic functions of your system, you can enjoy them with minimal effort. However, if you’re interested in integrating those devices as part of a complete smart home system, one that offers more functionality of each device while also simplifying the controls of all of them, you’ll need help.

Put it simply, smart devices are easy, smart homes are complex. At the end of the day, your integrator will take many complicated functions, including lights, shades, AV, security and more and give you one controller for everything. You won’t have to worry about useless buttons, or complicated layouts – your integrator will show you how to use everything on the user-friendly interface.

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Are You Taking Advantage of these Home Theater Services?

Are You Taking Advantage of these Home Theater Services?

A lot goes into the process of adding a dedicated home theater to a property, and it’s helpful for homeowners to have a solid understanding of all the options available before they commit to the project. At DB Media Solutions, we offer many home theater services that combine together to provide a truly exceptional end result for our clients (and make the process as smooth as possible along the way). If you’re considering adding a theater to your home in Westlake or the greater Dallas, Texas area, then make sure you know all the services that your chosen theater company offers – you may be missing out on some vital steps in the theater installation process.

Initial Assessments

Any home theater company worth its salt will start each project with an assessment of the space and your goals for it. A dedicated home theater shouldn’t be a cookie-cutter product—it should be a reflection of your personality and desired media experience. During an assessment, your home theater expert will be able to get a feel for the space and the best equipment/setup to make your theater as good or better than a commercial cinema.

Project Management and Collaboration

High-end theaters are not a one-man job. More likely, there are a lot of different contractors involved in the process: interior designers, architects, electricians, AV experts, etc. And with that many cooks in the kitchen, it’s easy for plans to get off track. Your home theater company should take the reins on the project, providing guidance and managing everything so that all contractors are on the same page.

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Theater Prewiring and Networking

The type of wiring and cabling in your theater room can have a huge impact on performance. It’s important that your theater installer assesses your existing wiring and, if needed, upgrades the cables to support high-resolution audio and video. If you’re adding a theater to a newly constructed home, then be sure to bring in the theater expert early on so that they can do the wiring before walls are closed (this helps avoid unnecessary rework).

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How to Make Your Home’s Lighting More Energy-Efficient

How to Make Your Home’s Lighting More Energy-Efficient

If you’ve been looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint or lower your monthly energy bill, there are a lot of small changes you can make at home that can have a big impact. The good news is that with the right technology, many of these changes can actually make your life easier instead of more complicated. One of those technologies is a lighting control system. Studies show that electric lighting typically takes up to 25 percent of a home’s energy budget, so making improvements to lighting usage are definitely a smart idea. If you’re a homeowner in the Dallas, Texas area, then keep reading to learn the best approach to energy-efficient lighting.

Start by Making Your Lights Smarter

By smarter, we mean connecting all of the light fixtures throughout your home to a smart home automation system. This central platform makes it easy to monitor energy usage and manage all of the lights at once. From your smartphone or tablet, you can simply push a button and have all of the lights in the home (or just the lights in one room) turn on or off immediately.

Take Advantage of Dimmers

Once you’ve added the lighting control system to your house, you can start to do more sophisticated energy management such as dimming lights. In the typical home, lights have two settings: on and off. But there are many instances when you don’t need your lights blasting at full brightness. By using dimmers, you can get the best lighting for every occasion and save energy while you’re doing it. Using your control panel or remote, you can set the lighting in the room to 30 percent or 80 percent – whatever makes sense for that given moment. According to Vantage, one of the top manufacturers of lighting control systems, by dimming a 1500 hour incandescent lamp by 33 percent, you can make that bulb last nearly ten years.

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Use Lighting Automation

Another cool energy-saving feature of a lighting control system is automation. Using sensors, your lights can react automatically to different environments. For example, you could add motion sensors that detect when a room is unoccupied. After 5 minutes, the lights will turn off automatically to save energy, then turn on instantly if someone enters the area. Another type of technology to take advantage of is daylight sensors. These sensors track how much daylight is entering the room through windows. On sunny days, the system will dim the overhead lights so that the room is still well lit, then brighten the lights if the weather grows cloudy. Without you having to lift a finger, your home reacts to keep everything energy-efficient for you.

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Recreate the Full Cinema Experience in Your Home

Recreate the Full Cinema Experience in Your Home

Home theater system” is a term that can mean a lot of different things. You might consider the television, sound bar, and Blu-ray player in your living room to be a home theater of sorts, but it’s a very different movie-watching experience than what you would get in a dedicated home theater. For homeowners in the Colleyville, Texas area who really want the best audio and visual environment, here is the best approach:

Start with a Dedicated Room

One of the reasons why it’s so difficult to get that great movie quality in your living room is that the space isn’t designed for that purpose. Instead, the room is designed to accommodate other purposes, such as chatting with friends and family. The television’s placement is often an afterthought, based on where the sofa and coffee table look best. And there usually just isn’t a good place to install surround sound speakers.

That’s why it’s best to let your living room be a living room and leave the media systems to a dedicated room. A dedicated home theater is optimized in every way to be perfect for movie-watching. The seating is arranged for easy viewing of the screen, and surround sound speakers envelop you with immersive, robust audio.

Add in the Right Equipment

Not all home theater equipment is created equal, and the best speakers and projector for your system will depend on a variety of factors, such as the size and shape of the room. That’s why you should always leave the decision of selecting equipment in the hands of a home theater professional. A professional installer will be able to design a solution with the right mix of devices. Generally speaking, your home theater system should include a 4K Ultra HD projector and screen along with a Dolby Atmos surround sound system.

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How Smart Window Shades Work

How Smart Window Shades Work

It’s common to talk about all the ways that smart window shades can benefit you and your Fort Worth, Texas home—energy efficiency, beauty, convenience, and so on. But what’s less common is information on the ways that motorized shades bring about those benefits. If you’re interested in learning about the technology that makes regular window treatments smarter, then read on. 

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The “Motorized” Part of Motorized Shades

Instead of the standard curtain rod you’d typically find in a home, smart window shades have rods with tiny motors in them. These motors either run on a track (for drapery) or cause a circular motion for roller shades. These motors are connected to a central technology system so that you can easily control if the shades are open or closed. One of the key features of quality shading brands like Lutron and QMotion is that their motors are practically silent, so you don’t have to listen to an annoying buzz anytime you want to raise or lower the shades.

The Control Methods

Obviously, one of the biggest advantages of smart window shades is that you never have to manually draw the shades open or closed. Instead, you use one of the many smart control methods available. Choose just one or all of them to add to your smart home automation system:

  • Remotes: A simple, elegant remote can be used to adjust the window treatments. Just add it to your coffee table or nightstand and then push the up or down button whenever you’d like the shades adjusted.
  • Phone or Tablet: You can also get the same effect as a remote straight from your smartphone or tablet. Just open up the app and select whether you want the shades open or closed in one room, a few rooms, or the entire home.
  • Wall Switch: We can easily swap out the standard light switches in each room with a version that includes options to control both the lights and the window shades. The control options are personalized, and the switches come in a variety of styles to match the room’s décor.
  • Wall Console: For a more sophisticated control approach, we can replace the standard wall switch with an in-wall touchscreen console. From this touchscreen, you can easily set the right shading, lighting, temperature, etc.
  • Voice: Nothing beats the effortlessness of controlling a room with just your voice. By adding in a voice control device like Amazon Echo, you can simply say “Alexa, close the window shades,” and it will happen.

The Automation Possibilities

As nice as it is to be able to open and close the shades at the push of the button, the real magic happens when you integrate other systems in your home, such as the lighting or HVAC systems. With smart home automation, you don’t have to worry about controlling the window treatments—they open and close automatically depending on factors like the lighting and temperature levels in the room.

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3 Reasons to Choose Savant for Smart Home Automation

3 Reasons to Choose Savant for Smart Home Automation

When you’re getting started with smart home automation, one of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make is which system you’ll use to manage everything. There are a lot of great smart system providers out there, but the one we recommend most to our Dallas, Texas clients is Savant. If you’re interested in learning what makes Savant such a great choice for smart homes, then read on.

1. Super User-Friendly Design

The most advanced smart technology in the world won’t do you much good if it’s difficult to use. Instead of a clunky, complex interface that’s hard to navigate, Savant keeps things simple. Each screen is completely intuitive, so you know exactly where to go to manage every part of your home. You can access the system from your phone, tablet, desktop computer, or dedicated remote—whatever you’re most comfortable with. The touchscreen design helps you access each part of the system quickly, so turning on your favorite music playlist or checking the security system is as simple as pushing a button.

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2. Powerful Enough for All Your Needs

One of the best things about smart home automation is how it can be customized to fit your lifestyle. With Savant, you’re not stuck with a cookie-cutter solution. Instead, the system can be designed with all sorts of cool features that you might not expect. Savant is compatible with all kinds of different technologies and systems. So whatever high-end audio, surveillance cameras, or existing smart devices you have, they can all be managed by Savant with ease.

3. Reliable for the Long Haul

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that your smart home works the way you want it right when you want it. Technology can be fickle, and the more systems you try to control at once, the higher the chance that something will go wrong. We love Savant because it’s high-quality, well-designed technology. You won’t have to deal with the system breaking every few months or glitchy software that doesn’t perform the way you’d expect. Instead, it just works. When you’re investing in a full home automation solution, having a reliable system is absolutely essential. That’s why we use Savant.

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How to Get Started with Smart Home Technology

How to Get Started with Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is rapidly growing in popularity. Now, you can add everything from intelligent thermostats to automated lawn water systems to even smart washing machines! With so many options to choose from, how do you create the system that will give you the best bang for your buck? Here’s our approach to designing the perfect smart home systems for our Texas clients throughout the greater Dallas area.

1. Decide Your Goals

People start smart home projects for lots of different reasons. What about the automated lifestyle appeals most to you? Here are a few of the biggest advantages that our clients often pursue:

  • Green Home:  Technology is often associated with wasteful energy consumption, but the right devices can actually help reduce your carbon footprint! If you want to lower your monthly energy bill, we recommend starting with a smart thermostat, lighting control, and motorized shades. This trifecta works together to maintain the sweet balance of comfort and energy efficiency in your home.
  • Stronger Home Security: With smart home automation, you don’t have to limit yourself to the standard home security systems. Instead, smart home security can use everything from your lights to your motorized shades to your home surveillance cameras to help keep your home safe and secure.
  • Greater Comfort: If you want a home that works 24x7 to keep you in comfort, there are a few smart home technologies that should be at the top of the list. Start with a smart thermostat that will keep every area of your home at just the right temperature. Add in a multi-room music system so that you can enjoy your favorite playlist wherever you are. A motorized shading solution will keep the sun from blazing right in your eyes while you’re relaxing with a good book—just pull out your phone, press a button, and the shades will lower to block out the sun.
  • Interior Design: You might assume that technology just serves to clutter up your interior design with cords or remotes, but it can actually help enhance the look and feel of your home. For example, with lighting control, you can create lighting scenes that highlight artwork or architecture. You can add hidden TVs and speakers that give you great sound and visuals while remaining out of sight until you want to enjoy a show or music. And best of all, you eliminate the need for unsightly wall clutter like light switches or volume knobs because everything is controlled via your smartphone, tablet, or voice.

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2. Decide on DIY or Professional

Many smart devices now are being marketed as DIY-friendly—the sort of devices you can just plug in and enjoy! And if you are satisfied with very basic functionality, that approach may be sufficient for your needs. But if you want a cohesive system that works reliably and can easily achieve all of your goals for your smart home, it’s best to bring in a professional. Smart home automation integrators like DB Media Solutions are experts at designing and installing all these different types of technologies, from home theater systems to smart security.

When you work with a professional integrator, they’ll be able to connect all of the smart devices into one easy-to-use system that works together to make your home more efficient, comfortable, and beautiful.

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Are You Making these Home Networking Mistakes?

Are You Making these Home Networking Mistakes?

Most homes in the Dallas, Texas area have a network of some sort. With so many internet-connected devices available now, there’s no denying that a network is an essential part of everyday life. So why are networking issues so common? If you want to avoid making the mistakes that so often result in an unreliable, unsecure, and glitchy home network, then read on.

Mistake One: Thinking “Off the Shelf” is Good Enough

With networking equipment, you absolutely get what you pay for. The standard routers you find in your local electronics store might be adequate for a home without any smart home automation devices, but if you’re the type of person who embraces the Internet of Things, you’ll have much better luck with a professional system. Professional-grade networking is about more than high-quality equipment (although that plays a big role). It’s about finding the right equipment for your needs – both today and for the future.

Mistake Two: Not Changing the Default Settings

Although networking companies are getting better about giving unique default usernames and passwords, the most common combination is still admin, admin. In fact, it’s easy to find complete lists of the default login IP addresses, usernames, and passwords for all the popular networking brands.

So what does this mean for you? It means that if someone wants to gain access to your network, they can do it in less than a minute. After hacking into your network, they’ll be able to see all the data transferred to and from your computer as well as track some web pages you’re viewing. It could be a very big problem, but fortunately, it’s easy to avoid: just update the default settings with a secure username and password that’s not easily guessable.

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The Perfect Remote for Your Media Room: Savant Pro

The Perfect Remote for Your Media Room: Savant Pro

The very first universal remote debuted in 1985. While the technology was clunky and basic, the idea behind the original universal remote is still true today: consolidating control of your media devices makes using them easier. In modern media rooms, universal controls are a must-have item. With sound systems, media players, televisions, and more, having one remote to manage everything definitely makes life simpler. To learn about the best universal remote on the market today, read on. 

A Design that Everyone Can Enjoy

Bigger isn’t always better. The Savant Pro remote is designed to fit easily into your hand, with all the controls in easy reach. The top portion is a curved touchscreen that helps you navigate the options quickly. For those of us who prefer the traditional button feel, the remote has that option too.

One Remote for Everything

The Savant Pro remote has a huge range of supported devices. Everything from your Apple TV to your Sonos sound system to your Blu-ray player can all be controlled at the push of a button. Of course, Savant doesn’t just do your typical media devices; it can also manage the lights, climate, motorized window treatments, and more!

Preset Scenes

Media rooms often have a lot of different uses, from watching movies to playing games with friends. The Savant Pro remote allows you to “set the scene” for each activity with the push of a button. These scenes are a collection of preprogrammed settings for the perfect lighting levels, temperature, music, and more. So when you want to watch a movie, just select the “Movie” scene. When you do, the lights will dim, the shades will lower to block out sunlight, and all your media equipment will turn on instantly.

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Looking for a Colleyville Home Security Company?

Looking for a Colleyville Home Security Company?

Finding a good home security company in the Colleyville, Texas area can be a challenge. With so many options, how do you ensure that you’re choosing a company that will be able to meet all your needs? Below, we cover the characteristics that set DB Media Solutions above the rest for smart security and surveillance.

Diverse Supported Technology

Watch out for companies that only do one type of security, like surveillance cameras. If you truly want your home to be fully protected, it makes sense to choose a company that can offer a wide range of security products and services.

You may not be aware of how many different security technologies are available, but consider exploring some of the options listed below:

  • Alarm systems: trigger audible alarms, silent notifications, etc.
  • High-definition video surveillance: view real-time surveillance footage from anywhere.
  • Smart entry systems: use fingerprints, personalized codes, geofencing, and more to give access to your property – no physical keys required.
  • Central monitoring services: have 24x7 access to monitoring services that alert you or the authorities the moment there’s a problem.
  • Smart sensors: track motion, water leaks, doors, windows, etc.
  • Fire and life safety devices: stay on top of carbon monoxide, gas, smoke, and more.

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Completely Customized Solutions

You shouldn’t be shoehorned into a preset security package. The devices or services that make sense for one home might be a completely wrong fit for you. And often with this approach, you end up paying for products or services that you never intend to use.

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