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What is the Best Entertainment Gear for Your Outdoor Spaces?

What is the Best Entertainment Gear for Your Outdoor Spaces?

When looking to create the right atmosphere in your outdoor spaces –the pool, patio, or backyard—a big part of it is having quality entertainment for friends and family. Whether it’s inside or outside, a get-together can get stale without the right music to set the ambiance. With such great weather in the Colleyville, Texas area, we know you’re going to want to invite people over to enjoy some fresh air. Below we’ll take a look at some of the equipment you should include in your audio video system to create quality outdoor entertainment. 

Sonance Speakers

Outdoor music has always been popular since it’s a relatively easy way to boost the atmosphere in your home. Many people bring out wireless speakers or boom boxes when people arrive. But these make-shift solutions can post a few problems. The quality of these products is not usually the best, and since you're only bringing one source of audio, it will be limited to only a small space. 

The solution is an audio video system installation that places weather-proof speakers throughout your outdoor area. This way you get high-fidelity, uniform sound from your pool to your patio. For outdoor speakers, we recommend the Sonance Sonarray series, which resembles landscape lighting fixtures to better blend into your foliage. 


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