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How to Insulate Your Home with Motorized Shades

How to Insulate Your Home with Motorized Shades

Let’s face it: Texas homeowners are not well equipped to deal with cold weather. Anything below 70 degrees is practically foreign territory, and your home’s heating system (if you even have one) is likely rusty from lack of use. That said, the Southlake area has already seen some chilly days, and the fickle Texas weather could turn even colder at a moment’s notice. Is your home prepared? In this blog, we discuss how motorized shades can help keep your home cozy warm without blasting the heater 24x7.

The Need for Insulation

The big trend with home architecture these days is large windows in every room. While these windows promote an open, airy feel to the house, that ambiance comes at a price, a very tangible cost seen each month on your energy bill. That’s because glass is not a very good insulator. During the summer, those glass windows focus the sun’s heat, essentially baking each room and causing your HVAC unit to work overtime to keep things cool.

In the winter, the problem is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Your home’s heat seeps out of the glass, so even though your heater might be running, the odds are likely that you’ll still feel a chill in the air whenever you go into rooms with large windows.

The Solution: Motorized Shades

Obviously, you don’t want to cover up your beautiful windows for the entire winter season, so the trick is to find a solution that balances your view of the outdoors with smart energy management. Motorized shades are a perfect fit.

Window treatments form a barrier between your well-heated room and the glass that enables the heat to pass outside, essentially trapping the warm air in the room. You can achieve this effect through multiple shading styles, such as traditional drapery, but one of the best types of window treatment for heat harnessing is the honeycomb style. The design has pleats that open up to create and trap warm air pockets.

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Can Smart Home Technology Lead to Energy-Savings?

Can Smart Home Technology Lead to Energy-Savings?

The month of May means that summer is around the corner. But in Southlake — or most anywhere in Texas — the summer heat has already arrived. Higher temperatures likely mean higher energy usage — and consequently the associated costs — when using your climate control system to cool down your home. But consider an alternative: motorized shades work easily to provide convenient energy efficiency.

You may already know that shades can add to a room’s aesthetic, create privacy, and more. But in this blog, we’ll discuss the unique energy-savings benefit of motorized shades. Read on to learn more.

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Automate Shades to Work with Your Smart Home Control System

Use your smart automation system for full control of your technology and home. Set it to close the shades when it detects too much heat — that way your climate control system doesn’t kick in and use unnecessary energy. Instead, the shades will know when to close and block out the sun.

This is especially true with blackout shades, which completely block any sunlight — and thus heat — from entering the space at all.

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