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Why Smart Window Shades Are a Great Addition to Any Space

Why Smart Window Shades Are a Great Addition to Any Space

Whether you’re completely new to home automation or you’re looking to upgrade an existing system, there’s one component that many homeowners overlook. Plenty of people want to start with their home theater system or their security features – both great ideas. But if there’s one aspect of your home that you should really consider upgrading, it’s your window treatments. Smart shading systems can help save you money, add privacy to your spaces and reduce the damage that the sun can wreak on your internal furnishings. In this blog, we’ll show you why they’re perfect for every room of your home.

Smart Shades Are Perfect for Any Season

Did you know, motorized shades can help you reduce your overall energy consumption? By helping you regulate temperatures inside your home, and preventing valuable AC air from escaping through the windows, you can enjoy a more comfortable home without having to adjust the thermostat.

That makes them perfect for your home all year round. While the Texas temperatures are sweltering in the summertime, your shades can help keep you cool by containing the cool AC air. You can even integrate sunshades – translucent coverings that filter in light without the heat.

Plus, in the winter, heavier curtains can help keep your rooms from getting too cold. By creating a small pocket of air between the window and the curtain, your motorized shades can keep you comfy without extra energy.

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