4 Common Home Surveillance Camera Styles

4 Common Home Surveillance Camera Styles

There are a lot of different options out there for home surveillance cameras. How do you know which ones are right for your Colleyville area home? The answer to that question will depend on the unique aspects of your property, and DB Media Solutions can help you design the best mix of cameras for your needs, but to give you a general understanding of the differences between the most popular cameras styles, we’ve put together a brief overview below.

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Often installed in the corners of rooms or entryways, bullet cameras have a limited range of visibility, but they provide an excellent image of wherever they’re pointed. This style of camera is commonly used in both indoor and outdoor environments. If you’re looking for a camera that can monitor a specific location, such as the front door or the area in front of your safe, then the bullet style is a good choice.


Dome cameras are great for areas where you need full visibility. You often see dome cameras installed in the middle of rooms so that they can take in a 360-degree view. These cameras fit easily into the ceiling and are fairly unobtrusive. Depending on your needs, you can get dome cameras outfitted for each space. So in a living room, you might opt for a high-fidelity camera that can capture footage even in low lighting conditions. For your outdoor spaces, you should go for a weather-resistant design and perhaps a camera that allows for long distance recording.


If you prefer to keep the presence of your surveillance system unknown, then discrete cameras are the way to go. These cameras are designed to look like something else while still maintaining clear, high-definition footage. You can get cameras that look just like smoke detectors, water sprinklers, or other devices you would commonly find throughout the property.

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For Builders Seeking a Competitive Edge, Home Security Offers a Solution

For Builders Seeking a Competitive Edge, Home Security Offers a Solution

New home construction is a busy market in the Dallas, Texas area, especially for luxury properties. If you want to ensure that your construction firm is the one who gets the bid for these homes, you need something that puts you above the rest. That competitive edge could be integrated home security systems. To learn about the value that security technology can add to your company offerings as well as the quick and easy way to get started, read on.

Give Buyers What They Want

Smart technology (home security in particular) is rapidly growing more popular among home buyers. In a 2016 study by John Burns Real Estate Consulting, surveyed buyers stated that smart technology was a significant part of their evaluation of different housing options, and they would be willing to spend more money for smart home technology. Of the nearly 22,000 buyers surveyed, more than half said they would pay extra for security cameras, doorbells with text alerts, and other smart devices.

Given these statistics, when buyers are faced with an average house model and one with all the bells and whistles of smart technology, it’s clear which option they’ll choose. However, it’s worth noting that full smart home automation systems are often completely customized to the buyer’s preferences, which makes it hard to go beyond simply adding prewiring into your building plans. Home security, on the other hand, offers far more opportunity for a standard package included with particular home design models.

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How to Get Started with Home Security

The struggle with many construction firms is that they’re builders and architects, not security experts. And that’s okay. The quick and easy solution to this problem is to leave the security and smart home technology to a trusted third party. Let the security specialist partner with you on the homes, then reap the benefits of having more attractive options for buyers in the Dallas market.

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