3 Audio Video System Trends to Watch for in 2018

3 Audio Video System Trends to Watch for in 2018

2017 was a great year for technology, especially with smart home automation. Moving into the new year means even more innovation and progress. Upgrading the components of your Dallas, Texas home’s audio video system has never been more exciting with the expected trends for 2018.

Read on to learn about the audio video trends for the upcoming year. 

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Whether you are watching a movie or your favorite TV show, you deserve a quality viewing experience. OLED displays have a lot to offer. Their technology allows them to provide excellent image quality without requiring a backlight (as opposed to LCDs), making them a thinner and more efficient addition to your home audio video system. 

What makes OLED a watchable trend is that its unique technology isn’t terminal, meaning that it has plenty of potential for progress in the future. OLED will eventually allow for rollable and transparent TVs, making your house the home of some of the most innovative technology.

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Control Your Multi-Room Music System with Savant

Control Your Multi-Room Music System with Savant

Good news for everyone with Savant smart home automation systems: the intuitive control technology can also be used to manage your multi-room music. Savant recently announced new upgrades to their all-in-one music solution that make it easy for you to enjoy high-quality audio in every room of your Texas home. To learn about the different aspects of Savant’s multi-room music features and how you can take advantage of them, read on.

All of Your Music in One Place

Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, Tidal, traditional CDs… you likely have a lot of different sources for your music. Swapping between streaming services or media types is usually a hassle, but Savant makes it a simple process by centralizing all of the music on a server with plenty of storage for those high-fidelity files. With one touch, your entire music collection is at your fingertips so that you can easily find the perfect song to jam out to.

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Airplay Straight from a Mobile Device

Want to play a song from your iTunes music account? With Savant, you can use Apple AirPlay to instantly start listening to your chosen music within your home—no cords or cables required. With AirPlay, you can continue to use your phone for other activities while the music is playing instead of leaving it docked somewhere as the official “music” phone.

Music Wherever You Are

One of the best things about a multi-room music setup is that you’re not restricted to enjoying music only in one area of your home. Sure, you can get away with adding speakers and stereos to each room and controlling them individually, but nothing beats the convenience of simply pulling up your phone as you walk from one area of your home to the next and having the music follow. The centralized access to all of your speakers and media makes listening to high-fidelity music an effortless process.

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