Questions to Ask When Choosing a Landscape Lighting Company

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Landscape Lighting Company

Outdoor lighting can be the perfect touch for your Texas home, accentuating the architectural finishes and landscaping…if it’s done right. If not set up properly, however, your lighting may fall flat or even detract from your beautiful property. The decision about which landscape lighting company to use plays a huge role in the success of the final product.

So before you choose the first Dallas-Fort Worth area landscape lighting company you find, make sure you’re doing your due diligence in selecting a business that will do it right the first time.

Here are six questions that will help you narrow down your options:

1.      Do You Support Smart Home Automation?

More and more often, an outdoor lighting system isn’t just an outdoor lighting system. It’s part of something greater. Through home automation, you can have one system that controls the lights (indoor and out), the climate, the televisions, the multi-room music, and more. It really helps when learning how to operate the lighting system because it’s one platform for everything.

And even if you don’t want to start out with smart lighting, it’s nice to know if it’s something that can easily be integrated later.

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Add Drama To Your Outdoor Landscape

Add Drama To Your Outdoor Landscape

Are you looking to spice up your outdoor spaces?  With the warmer spring weather in Dallas, it could be the right time to add dramatic outdoor lighting to your pool, patio, and landscape.

According to a recent survey by the home design website Houzz, 45% of landscape design projects incorporate some outdoor lighting components.  Why? Outdoor lighting can extend your outdoor entertainment well into the warm Texas spring and summer evenings, and set just the right tone and mood for you and your guests.

Interested in hearing more?  Let’s explore how outdoor lighting and lighting control can make your outside time more fun in the seasonal months ahead.    

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Accenting Your Outdoors

There are many ways to add flair to your outdoor spaces.  LED lights can illuminate pathways in your patio and through garden areas.  Up-lights can add a dramatic effect to parts of the home, in the front and back, and at the street level at stanchions or gates. They can also illuminate trees and bushes, drawing the eye to the view you want to stage when the sun goes down. 

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6 Must-Haves for Your Outdoor Entertainment System

6 Must-Haves for Your Outdoor Entertainment System

Summer is right around the corner—the time for pool parties and outdoor movie nights. If you have an underutilized patio or backyard, the best way to make it your go-to area for relaxation or fun is to add a stellar outdoor entertainment system. To learn the best technology for transforming your Texas home’s outdoor spaces, read on!

1. Audio

A sound system is the backbone of any outdoor entertainment system. Whether you want to blast the music at a party or simply play some jazz as you relax by the pool, it’s important that your outdoor audio supply crystal-clear sound throughout the space.

When installing an outdoor sound system, there are two main things to keep in mind:

  • Weatherproofing: Outdoor areas require speakers and audio equipment designed specifically to withstand the Texas heat, occasional storms, dust, wind, etc. When we install outdoor audio, we prefer to use Sonance’s Sonarray speakers, which are incredibly durable without compromising on sound quality.
  • Placement: Every backyard is different. The area of your pool, topiaries, patio seating, and more will all impact the best places to install speakers. The goal is to provide even coverage of sound, without any areas where the music is blaring in your ears or too soft to hear. Typically, these speakers are placed pointing inward so that you gain the benefits of great sound without affecting your neighbors.

2. Video

Just like with your sound system, your outdoor television needs to be equipped to handle different weather conditions. This goes beyond the standard waterproofing. The best outdoor televisions are designed with antiglare screens so that you get top-quality visuals no matter how brightly the sun is shining. Depending on your space, you might opt for a home theater system instead of traditional television. Then you can host movie nights in your backyard!

3. Landscape Lighting

You’re not going to be able to enjoy your backyard after the sun sets if you don’t have proper lighting. A landscaping lighting installation not only helps you safely navigate the outdoors in the evening but also makes the backyard look gorgeous. The best outdoor lighting accentuates your home’s architecture, landscaping, and décor. From path lights to in-pool lighting, we can design the perfect setup for you.

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