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Thinking About a Home Surveillance System?

Thinking About a Home Surveillance System?

Everyone wants to feel secure in their own home.  Perhaps you’ve been thinking about installing a home surveillance system or upgrading an existing one in your Keller TX home.

Rapid advances in surveillance camera and communication technology have allowed for sophisticated features previously found in very costly and complex systems used in business and industry to find their way to residential use.

So if you’re looking for a new system that will make you feel protected in your home, read on for some questions you will want to be answered about home surveillance. 

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Are today’s security cameras wired? 

In the old days (relatively) of security camera systems, systems were wired with coaxial cable like your cable set-top boxes.  The new systems are IP based – the same networking technology used by all your computers and devices.  Many work over Wi-Fi and some can work in both wired and wireless modes.  Cameras require power to operate, so they will need to be plugged into a power source, or custom wiring run to mounting locations. 

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For Builders Seeking a Competitive Edge, Home Security Offers a Solution

For Builders Seeking a Competitive Edge, Home Security Offers a Solution

New home construction is a busy market in the Dallas, Texas area, especially for luxury properties. If you want to ensure that your construction firm is the one who gets the bid for these homes, you need something that puts you above the rest. That competitive edge could be integrated home security systems. To learn about the value that security technology can add to your company offerings as well as the quick and easy way to get started, read on.

Give Buyers What They Want

Smart technology (home security in particular) is rapidly growing more popular among home buyers. In a 2016 study by John Burns Real Estate Consulting, surveyed buyers stated that smart technology was a significant part of their evaluation of different housing options, and they would be willing to spend more money for smart home technology. Of the nearly 22,000 buyers surveyed, more than half said they would pay extra for security cameras, doorbells with text alerts, and other smart devices.

Given these statistics, when buyers are faced with an average house model and one with all the bells and whistles of smart technology, it’s clear which option they’ll choose. However, it’s worth noting that full smart home automation systems are often completely customized to the buyer’s preferences, which makes it hard to go beyond simply adding prewiring into your building plans. Home security, on the other hand, offers far more opportunity for a standard package included with particular home design models.

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How to Get Started with Home Security

The struggle with many construction firms is that they’re builders and architects, not security experts. And that’s okay. The quick and easy solution to this problem is to leave the security and smart home technology to a trusted third party. Let the security specialist partner with you on the homes, then reap the benefits of having more attractive options for buyers in the Dallas market.

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5 Great Uses for Your Home Surveillance System

5 Great Uses for Your Home Surveillance System

When you think about home surveillance, security is probably the first thing to come to mind. But surveillance cameras have far more uses than simply catching intruders in the act. With instant access to real-time footage right from your smartphone, the sky is the limit for what you can monitor with cameras in your Dallas area home. Below, we cover five of our favorite applications for surveillance cameras.

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Did You Leave the Oven On?

Have you ever had that nagging sensation that you might have left the stove or oven on? It’s a simple matter to walk into the kitchen to check…unless you’re not at home when that sense of dread hits you. Not to worry! Just pull up your phone and check the surveillance camera in the kitchen. If the oven is on, you can hurry home or call a family member to turn it off for you.

Watch Your Pet While You’re at Work

Have you ever wondered what your dog or cat gets up to while you’re gone? Now you can know! Surveillance cameras do more than just satisfy your curiosity—they can keep you in the loop so that you know if something is wrong with your furry friend.

See When Your Package Arrives

Package theft is a real concern, especially if your home has an exposed entryway. But with surveillance cameras, you can know exactly when the delivery company drops off your latest Amazon purchase. While just having a visible camera is enough to deter most thieves, for extra security against package theft, you can add a video doorbell that allows you to speak through the integrated microphone if someone comes to the front door and picks up the box.

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How to Choose the Right Home Surveillance System

How to Choose the Right Home Surveillance System

Home surveillance is an important aspect of securing your Westlake, Texas home. Surveillance cameras can deter intruders and provide evidence in the event of that a determined individual manages to break through your home defenses or a natural disaster like a flood occurs. In one of our previous posts, we discussed the main features to look for in a home security system. One of those features was a surveillance system. Today, we’re going to dig deeper into the specifics of surveillance cameras and how to identify which options are best for you.

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The Cameras
Modern surveillance cameras no longer create black and white images so grainy you can barely make out faces. Instead, high-end surveillance cameras can produce crystal clear images in 360-degree environments, giving you a complete view of your home’s access points. Using the newest updates to video data compression, you can view and store high-resolution footage without overloading bandwidth.
When choosing your surveillance cameras, it’s important to know the different types that are available. Here are some of the most popular options:
• Dome Cameras: Named for the domed shape of their lens, dome cameras are designed to stick out of ceilings and entryways so that potential intruders are aware that they are being observed. The dome camera’s 360 view and unobtrusive design make it the go-to option for indoor monitoring.
• Discreet Cameras: Unlike dome cameras, discreet cameras are useful when you want to hide the cameras from view without compromising the footage quality. Discreet cameras can be made to resemble fire sprinklers, smoke alarms, and even decorative objects such as clocks.
• Bullet Cameras: Bullet cameras are typically used in entryways because they monitor a fixed location as opposed to having a 360-degree view. Designed in the shape of a bullet, these cameras are optimized for indoor and outdoor use.
Which camera type is best for your home will depend on a number of factors, such as a camera’s desired location, your home’s décor, and your other security features. One of our security experts can assess your environment and offer recommendations on the appropriate camera types.

The Interface
The days of security rooms with dedicated monitoring computers are long past. Now, you can pull up your surveillance camera’s view on your smartphone, enabling you to monitor your home in real time from your living room or halfway around the world. In addition to smartphone access, you can also take advantage of touch panel interfaces. The sleek wall mounted interface gives you touchscreen access to all aspects of your smart home automation system, from security to lighting control to intercoms. By integrating your intercom system and your surveillance system into one seamless interface, you can see and speak with visitors from within the safety of your home.

Our Recommendation: IC Realtime
IC Realtime is the leading supplier of home surveillance equipment ranging across security cameras, intercom systems, Digital Video Recorders, and more. IC Realtime’s products are durable and built to endure the rigors of the Texas outdoors while maintaining polished and minimalist designs that complement your décor. Their comprehensive security solutions can handle all of your home’s surveillance needs.

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