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Immerse Yourself with a Quality Home Theater System

Immerse Yourself with a Quality Home Theater System

Bringing the movie-going experience to your own home means upping the immersion factors, and truly engaging with films on your screen.  But half the riveting atmosphere is due to clear, high-end audio enveloping you from all sides.  Along with a 4K Ultra HD screen, perfected surround is one of the many features that will considerably enhance your home theater system in your Dallas, TX space.  Read on below to learn more about these essential audio and video components.

Surround Sound

Where you place your speakers is a vital decision.  To create the ultimate surround sound system, setting multiple speakers around the room, depending on your theater’s size, will create the best sound and help the existing acoustics.  Install your seating in the “sweet triangle” precisely between the left and right speakers, so that nothing muffles the sound – and be sure to choose leather or another fabric that doesn’t absorb noise!

If you don’t want that many speakers messing with your home cinema’s theme or décor, there are plenty of hidden options available.  Whether concealed within the walls or hung from the ceiling, you can still maintain your design without the equipment taking up space in the room.

However, bookshelf speakers are a great option if you don’t mind the look of the components, and want to place them on top of cabinets, tables, and other furniture easily.  Perhaps your theme is a more traditional theater feel.  If so, standing speakers are sure to be the focal points of the room that will make your space look like a downtown commercial theater.


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How Can You Upgrade Your Home Theater System?

How Can You Upgrade Your Home Theater System?

Many families these days boast about having home theater systems. Usually, these entail a high-definition TV and a soundbar or surround sound speakers. But what if you could truly recreate the experience you get in a commercial theater? DB Media Solutions works with you to create a custom theater in your Dallas, Texas home that will let you escape into your favorite movies. For that to happen, we urge you to upgrade the following components:

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Say Goodbye to Your HD TV

If you want high-quality larger-than-life images, a traditional HD TV is not going to cut it. First of all, it's time to embrace 4K Ultra HD, which has four times the resolution of 1080p (HD). For an authentic theater experience, we also encourage you to go with a screen-and-projector combination. Not only does it help to set the scene, but it is also easier to get larger displays if you opt for a screen rather than television. If you're tight for space, you can invest in retractable screens that disappear into a niche in the ceiling. 

Embrace the Dolby Atmos Experience

A 5.1 surround sound setup or even a quality soundbar is a huge upgrade from relying on TV speakers. But if you want a home theater system designed to impress, you should upgrade to Dolby Atmos. This new technology separates sound into unique objects, rather than relegating them to a designated channel. This way your audio moves freely throughout the room to create a more realistic experience. We help you find manufacturers that offer this technology and design the right speaker layout to optimize your new equipment.

Upgrade Your Media Library

What good is a great home theater setup if you have nothing to play on it? People often focus their investment on expensive televisions and speakers and forget about the rest. Not only do we help you figure out what source components are best for you (streaming services like Netflix, media libraries, Blu-Ray players, etc.), but we also make it easy to manage them. From a universal remote, touchpad, or tablet it's easy to alternate from one to the other, so you don't waste time trying to find what you want.

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4 Must-Consider Factors for Your Home Theater

4 Must-Consider Factors for Your Home Theater

So you’re ready to make the next upgrade to your home. If that upgrade is a home theater system, you’ve come to the right blog. There’s a lot to take into consideration when making this addition to your Dallas, TX home.

Fortunately, we have a professional team ready to walk through that process with you.

In this blog, we will cover the basic aspects to consider throughout the steps of installing your new home theater.

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  1. Room Dimensions and Shape 

Understanding your theater room’s shape and size is the necessary first step before anything else can happen.

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