Can You Control Your Home from an iPad?

Can You Control Your Home from an iPad?

Imagine being able to pull out an iPad, press a button, and have your entire home transform before you. The lights turn on, your favorite music starts playing, and the thermostat adjusts automatically.

Sound like a science fiction movie? It’s actually possible now! Whether you’ve moved into a new home or you’re looking to upgrade your current house and make some changes, advancements in smart home technology can make it possible for your Forth Worth, TX home to be controlled by a tablet or smartphone. Explore some of the most popular smart control features below!

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Lighting control

Integrate a smart lighting control system and transform your home’s atmosphere according to your needs. Lower the lights in your media room when you’re enjoying a movie, brighten them in the kitchen or dining area when needed and set them up to turn on gradually in the mornings. Schedule some lights to stay on while you’re out of the house to create the illusion of being home, or have them all turn on in the event of unexpected activity. Lighting control allows you to feel safe, comfortable and truly at home.

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