Watch the Hunger Games Trilogy – In Your Pool

Watch the Hunger Games Trilogy – In Your Pool

We all know the Texas summer is hot. But if you have a pool, you can count on a sure way to mitigate the heat.  Your backyard and pool can also be a great venue for outdoor fun after the sun goes down too. With temperatures still balmy but quite comfortable, you can spend time outside without worrying about the sunscreen.

With the right audio, and video options an outdoor entertainment system will have you taking advantage of the warm Dallas-Forth Worth area weather from April to October.


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Why an Outdoor Sound System Works for Your Home

Why an Outdoor Sound System Works for Your Home

With spring just around the corner, you may soon be planning to spend more time outside. In Texas, that can often mean heat and humidity, but with some ceiling fans and a pool, there’s no reason not to enjoy the warmer weather. What better way to enjoy your time outside than with an outdoor sound system in your Westlake, TX home?

Outdoor sound is good for either your favorite music or distributing audio from your outdoor TV setup or screen. Have a movie night under the stars, take your music outdoors for either a party or just to enjoy outside.

In this blog, we will discuss the beneficial features of an outdoor sound system. Read on to learn more.

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Customizable Design

Brands like Sonance offer several designs available in a variety of models to fit your preferences and landscape.

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Top Do’s and Don’ts for Media Room Design

Top Do’s and Don’ts for Media Room Design

For Westlake, Texas homeowners who want something a little more flexible than a dedicated home theater system, a media room provides an excellent option for entertainment of all sorts. However, with any multipurpose room, the most common mistake is taking a “jack of all trades, master of none” approach. To create a space that provides a top-notch environment for all of your favorite activities, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. We’ve listed the top design mistakes and how to fix them below.

DON’T Permanently Block Out Natural Light

Sunlight is the bane of any dedicated home theater. It washes out projector visuals and creates a glare on television screens. Since you’ll likely want to enjoy movies and shows in your media room, your first instinct is probably to create a room without any windows. The problem is that the room needs to be available for other activities, like chatting with friends or playing a game of cards. In those cases, natural sunlight is great to have.

DO Install Blackout Shades on the Windows

The solution is to keep the windows, but include motorized shades that completely block out the light when you need a dark environment. With motorized shades, you have more flexibility for creating the perfect lighting for each activity, and changing the lighting is as easy as pushing a button.

DON’T Clutter the Room with Equipment

Bulky speakers, gaming equipment, and a pile of remotes on the coffee table create the distinct feeling that everyone is supposed to stare at the screen and jump right into a movie or video game. If you want the space to be open for other activities such as a fun party or relaxing with a good book, you don’t want to be distracted by the presence of AV equipment.

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3 Aspects of a High-Quality Multi-Room Music System

3 Aspects of a High-Quality Multi-Room Music System

Thinking about upgrading your Westlake, Texas home with a multi-room music system? It’s much simpler than you might think. DB Media Solutions can handle multi-room music installations from the initial design to final optimization of the sound in each room. Not all multi-room music solutions are created equal, so we’ve put together this list of the three main characteristics of a high-quality music system for your whole house.

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Optimized for Each Space

The acoustics in each room of your home will be different, and you need speakers that are versatile enough to accommodate the differences in room layout and furniture. To ensure a smooth, even sound as you walk through the house, speakers are carefully placed in specific locations. Speaker type is another concern with a multi-room music system. You’ll want a different style of speakers for your outdoor audio, for example, than you would for your kitchen. DB Media Solutions can help you design a system that has the right speakers and equipment in the right location throughout your home.

Hidden from View

Your home’s décor probably doesn’t accommodate bulky speakers or cluttered wires. It may be easy to hide speakers in a media room or bedroom, but what about the bathroom? The solution is to use in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, such as the Sonance Invisible Series, to completely hide the speakers. You get high-quality sound without having to deal with wires or looking at speakers.

Easy to Use

The best sound quality in the world isn’t going to do you much good if your music system is difficult to operate. When all of your music equipment is integrated into one seamless system controlled by a touchpad or your smartphone, it’s much easier to adjust volume, change the station, or pause music. You don’t have to walk to the other end of the house to turn on your music—instead, just pull up your phone and start enjoying the high fidelity audio wherever you are.

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What is the Best Entertainment Gear for Your Outdoor Spaces?

What is the Best Entertainment Gear for Your Outdoor Spaces?

When looking to create the right atmosphere in your outdoor spaces –the pool, patio, or backyard—a big part of it is having quality entertainment for friends and family. Whether it’s inside or outside, a get-together can get stale without the right music to set the ambiance. With such great weather in the Colleyville, Texas area, we know you’re going to want to invite people over to enjoy some fresh air. Below we’ll take a look at some of the equipment you should include in your audio video system to create quality outdoor entertainment. 

Sonance Speakers

Outdoor music has always been popular since it’s a relatively easy way to boost the atmosphere in your home. Many people bring out wireless speakers or boom boxes when people arrive. But these make-shift solutions can post a few problems. The quality of these products is not usually the best, and since you're only bringing one source of audio, it will be limited to only a small space. 

The solution is an audio video system installation that places weather-proof speakers throughout your outdoor area. This way you get high-fidelity, uniform sound from your pool to your patio. For outdoor speakers, we recommend the Sonance Sonarray series, which resembles landscape lighting fixtures to better blend into your foliage. 


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