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Make Homes Smart from the Start

Make Homes Smart from the Start

Building a new home requires a lot of decisions—building materials, home layout, wiring, and more all have to be carefully considered so that the homeowner is happy with the final product. More and more often, homeowners decide after the residence is built that they want their home to be “smart.” While this is definitely possible, nothing beats the seamless design and reliability of a smart home automation solution that is built from the ground up. Below, we’ve covered how builders in the Colleyville, Texas area can benefit from installing smart home automation technology during construction of new homes.

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Boost Home Value

Smart homes are worth significantly more than traditional residences, and even some basic home pre-wiring for future automation can go a long way toward upping the purchase price. Smart home automation is in demand for high-end home buyers, and that demand is rapidly growing over time. By investing in smart home automation during new home construction, you can reach far more buyers in the luxury home market.

Increase Buyer Satisfaction

The goal with any luxury home construction is for the homeowner to be completely happy with their purchase. Nothing beats the “Wow” factor of showing buyers their new home and demonstrating how their smart home automation system can control the lights, shades, HVAC, security, and more—all with a single touch on a screen integrated directly into the wall. You can also work with your home buyer from the start to tailor each room to fit their needs, with different technology and wiring going into each area.

Create a Clean Look

A common mistake that occurs when implementing smart home technology during construction is that the integrator is brought into the process at the very end of construction. As a result, many issues that arise during the installation process, which would have been easy to avoid with planning, end up affecting the design of the home. Closed walls have to be opened up again for wiring, or worse: wires have to be run outside of the walls where they are visible to the homeowner. By partnering with a smart home automation integrator at the start of construction, you can create a plan for a sleek and clean design right from the beginning.

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