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How to Connect All the A/V Devices in Your Home

How to Connect All the A/V Devices in Your Home

If you have a smart home in the Dallas, Texas area, the odds are likely that you have TVs, speakers, gaming systems, Blu-Ray players, and other A/V devices spread throughout your home. Managing all of those different devices separately can be a pain, but there’s a better way. By connecting everything into one audio video system, you can access all of your entertainment from any TV or speakers, no matter which room you’re in. To learn how, keep reading.

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Start with a Matrix Switcher

A matrix switcher is a device that allows you to gain access to multiple audio and video sources for each TV in your home. This device makes it easy for you to watch movies, play video games, listen to music, and enjoy other entertainment, even if the Blu-Ray player or PlayStation is in a completely different room. The switch transfers the audio and video to whichever room you’re in, seamlessly transitioning your media without any extra effort on your part.

Set Up Entertainment Zones

In order for every member of your family to enjoy different media at the same time, entertainment zones control the audio and video in each specific area of your home. This allows dad to watch the game while he’s grilling outside, the kids to watch a movie in the home theater, and mom to relax with some music in the living room—all at once. Entertainment zones streamline media management so that everyone can watch and listen to whatever they want without inconveniencing others.

Reduce and Hide the Equipment

You don’t need a separate DVD player in every room of your home in order to enjoy your movie collection. A distributed audio video system allows you to use one device for all of your rooms. Beyond the cost savings of fewer systems, this setup cuts down on the devices and cords that are cluttering your room’s otherwise spotless décor. You get to hide your equipment in an A/V closet or a cabinet out of sight if needed while still enjoying the benefits of those devices throughout your home.

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Enjoy Football Season with the Latest Audio Video Tech

Enjoy Football Season with the Latest Audio Video Tech

During football season, you know how important it is to make sure everyone catches each impressive play and suspenseful moment of the big game.  But there’s nothing worse than garbled audio and a glitch-riddled screen to ruin the fun.  Give you and your guests the ultimate game day experience in your Dallas, TX home with an elevated audio video system.  Read on to learn why your upgraded media room is the perfect place to enjoy football with friends and family this fall.

New AV Technology

The next best thing to standing in the stadium with your sportswear and team gear on is reveling in an immersive experience at home with your bowl of buffalo chicken dip.  But with the latest audio video tech available, being at home might just jump to first place.  With a 4K Ultra High-Definition flat screen or projector, you’ll feel like you’re right there cheering your team on – in the comfort of your own home.  4K guarantees a crisp and clear picture quality, and lets you get as close to the screen as you need to without worrying about seeing the individual pixels. 

Installing a surround sound system will also ensure that you never miss a commentary or call.  You can enjoy everything about the stadium experience, but on your comfy sofa surrounded by your fellow fans.


Rid Yourself of the Glare

Imagine your team is about to score a touchdown, but then the sun shines intensely into the living room – causing a major glare on the screen and hindering your view completely.  You might think there’s not much to be done against the sun’s power without a huge hassle involved.  But motorized shades can make sure you never miss a beat. 

With a single push of a button, lower the shades so that no light touches the TV, or have automatic sensors cause the shades to automatically roll down when the sun is shifted to shine directly through your windows.  Take the control into your hands, and only worry about refilling your guests’ drinks and plates.

Double the Screens

With so many games to stay on top of, you might find not every viewer is in agreement over which to catch up on and watch.  Multiple screens are guaranteed to keep everyone happy and up to date on the various games.  With more than one screen, the opportunities are endless.  You can install an outdoor TV with a weather-proof and glare-free screen.  If your friends are grilling and tailgating on the patio, then you can easily pop into the kitchen for more dishes and never miss a moment on your media or kitchen’s TV.  Having more screens means more game-watching capabilities, and less time figuring out what channel to switch back to.

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3 Audio Video System Trends to Watch for in 2018

3 Audio Video System Trends to Watch for in 2018

2017 was a great year for technology, especially with smart home automation. Moving into the new year means even more innovation and progress. Upgrading the components of your Dallas, Texas home’s audio video system has never been more exciting with the expected trends for 2018.

Read on to learn about the audio video trends for the upcoming year. 

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Whether you are watching a movie or your favorite TV show, you deserve a quality viewing experience. OLED displays have a lot to offer. Their technology allows them to provide excellent image quality without requiring a backlight (as opposed to LCDs), making them a thinner and more efficient addition to your home audio video system. 

What makes OLED a watchable trend is that its unique technology isn’t terminal, meaning that it has plenty of potential for progress in the future. OLED will eventually allow for rollable and transparent TVs, making your house the home of some of the most innovative technology.

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