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How to Find the Right Home Automation Company for You

How to Find the Right Home Automation Company for You

Upgrading to a smart home might already seem like a daunting task, with plenty of steps to take before you get there.  With so much at hand, you need a company that makes the planning and designing simple for you, and is most importantly, looking out for your best interests.  Finding a low voltage contractor to install or add to your home solutions should be the easy part, but for many homeowners, it’s tough to know which companies are worth considering.  Here are the simple steps to take to find the perfect home automation company to assist all your endeavors for your Colleyville, TX home.

1. License to Install

While low voltage licensing is not a requirement in Texas except for companies who install security and alarm systems, if do you want any security features in your smart home, you’ll definitely want to make sure that the home automation company you’re working with has required their contractors to have low voltage licenses. 

Obtaining the license requires many hours of training and a passing score on a thorough exam that ensures the installer knows the proper safety, regulations, and building codes.  Knowing your contractor has this low voltage license means you won’t have to worry if they’re qualified – they will be guaranteed to do the job right and safely the first time around.


2. Insurance is a Must

You never know what can happen – unwarranted and unexpected obstacles and events happen every day on the job.  When things go wrong, insurance is the answer.  If your home automation company is missing that, mark them off your list.  If an installer or worker is injured at your house, you could be held responsible.  With an insured company, you are no longer liable.  You can stop expecting the unexpected and leave any issues for the company to solve and settle.

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