Commercial Automation

Improve business operations and employee collaboration with integrated and automated control of media, lighting, shades and security.

Commercial Automation

Improve business operations and employee collaboration with integrated and automated control of media, lighting, shades and security.

Integrated Building Control

Leverage a Unified Technology System to Streamline Operations
  • Seamlessly control lights, security, shades and AV
  • Facilitate opening and closing tasks with pre-saved settings
  • Occupancy sensors turn off lights and AV in unoccupied rooms

Integrated Room Control

Refined Control Transforms Your Company’s Most Important Rooms
  • Operate all the technology from the device of your choice
  • Design the ideal environment for meetings and presentations
  • Prepare and adjust quickly for more efficient use of your space

Centralized Distribution

Optimize Your Business Operations with Centralized Control
  • Connect all the technology in your facility under one hub
  • Reduce clutter when it comes to gear and controls
  • Train new staff effortlessly on how to use the technology

Smart Building Technology

Overhaul Your Efficiency with Sweeping Control and Monitoring
  • Track real-time usage of lighting, heating and AV equipment
  • Keep downtime and service costs low with remote diagnostics
  • Remotely reboot electronics to improve system uptime

Lighting Control

Harness the Full Power of Natural and Artificial Lighting
  • Easily manage lights via keypads, apps or touchpads
  • Minimize costs through occupancy sensors and timers
  • Adjusts lights according to time, function and room

Motorized Window Treatments

Revitalize Your Business with Flawless Control of Natural Light
  • Embrace sunlight for enhanced comfort and well-being
  • Eliminate heat gain, glare and UV damage to furnishings
  • Designer window treatments available in various fabrics and colors

HVAC Control

Create the Ideal Business Environment with Intuitive Climate Control
  • Improve working conditions by managing heating, cooling and ventilation
  • Thermostats reduce energy use through occupancy sensors and timers
  • User-friendly interfaces let you easily adjust throughout the day

Energy Management

Take Control of Your Business’ Energy Consumption and Efficiency
  • Navigate real-time energy usage from a centralized dashboard
  • Develop energy saving settings for lights, climate and more
  • Enjoy lower costs and LEED certification with improved efficiency

Media Control

Exceptional Control of All Your Media Content at a Button’s Press
  • Instantly change content or adjust volume from a touchscreen, app or keypad
  • Integrate endless source options including computer, cable and streaming
  • Limit clutter by reducing remotes and locating AV gear in technology closets

Video Conferencing

Connect Remote Workforces and Boost Collaboration with Video Conferencing
  • Remotely greet and let-in guests via mobile app or touchpad
  • Receive alerts, monitor surveillance and lock doors while away
  • Manage access for dog walkers, property managers and housekeepers

High Speed Internet

High-Speed Connections Foster Peak Operations and Communications
  • Robust network design for conferencing, cloud storage and streaming
  • Eliminate lagging during important calls or presentations
  • Indoor and outdoor access points ensure complete Wi-Fi coverage


Intent-Based Networks Bridge the Gap Between Business and IT
  • Application-based hardware enhances network reliability and speed
  • Network management software optimizes performance for applications and devices
  • Mitigate threats to security with firewalls, encryption and network security software

Network Security

Advanced Network Security Safeguards Your Assets and Privacy
  • Firewalls, encryption and VLANs stave off cyber attacks
  • Enterprise grade equipment tightens your security
  • Ongoing support and diagnostics resolve threats quickly

Voice Recognition

Integrate Natural Voice Commands for Your Office Technology
  • Talk to your technology to manage lights, shades, climate and media
  • Flawlessly conduct presentations without having to use tablets or remotes
  • Ask questions about your schedule, the weather or stock prices


Offer Reliable High-Speed Connections for Employees and Clients
  • Use enterprise-grade access points, design and support
  • Thorough coverage throughout your property for all smart devices
  • Expand bandwidth for cloud computing and video conferencing

Universal Remotes

Simplify Your Day-to-Day and Reduce Clutter with Universal Remotes
  • Access lights, shades, media, and security from one device
  • Adjust the environment for any activity with one press of a button
  • Lower setup times optimize valuable meeting spaces

Leverage Technology for Smoother Operations

Want technology that offers a direct ROI? Manage your energy use, streamline daily tasks and optimize meeting spaces with an integrated technology solution.
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