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Thinking About Upgrading the Security In Your Home?

Here are 4 Features to Look For

Thinking About Upgrading the Security In Your Home?

Your home, as they say, is your castle.  And you want your castle to be safe and secure at all times.  The good news is that smart home technology has created many new, affordable products that can monitor your home around the clock, giving you peace of mind. 

If you think that security systems are just about alarms for intrusions, think again.  Today’s cameras, apps, sensors, and smart locks can add new dimensions to the security of your home.

If you’re looking for a new or upgraded home security system in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, read on for some of the latest things to consider.


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Smarter Systems

Traditional security systems would set off an alarm when a monitored door or windows sensor was tripped.  Usually – if you’re not at home – you would find out when the call was automatically routed to the alarm company, and they called you.

Today’s smart security systems can send you different types of notifications.  With various sensors available today, you can be alerted – and authorities called – only when something is actually amiss.  How many times has wind pushed a door just enough to set off the sensor?  With today’s systems, a security camera or internal motion sensor can instantly see if there is an intrusion or it’s a false alarm.  If you’re far away on vacation, you can have the peace of mind that you know what’s really going on.

Sometimes, you may just want to know if your child is home from school.  With a smart lock integrated with your security, you can get an alert when your child unlocked the front door.  And if they leave, you can also know they locked it. 

Smarter Deterrence

Today’s security cameras are very cost effective and can be placed in several locations around your property.  The actual visible presence of cameras will give a potential burglar pause, and they may seek an easier target. 

Modern security cameras can record a continuous feed at all times or they can record when there is motion (or sound in some models) detected.  You can get an appropriate alert that says unexpected motion detected, and immediately get a view on your smartphone of what may be going on. 

Many smart camera models are available, from unobtrusive wall or ceiling mounted indoor cameras with wide views to weather-resistant outdoor models.  It’s easy to make your home look fully monitored.

Aside from cameras, video doorbells are another popular option.  When someone rings the doorbell, you can see who it is right on your smartphone or a TV screen – a routine package delivery, a solicitor, or a stranger you don’t know – and act accordingly.

Smarter Sensors

There’s been a great deal of innovation in sensor technology in the past several years.  New low power wireless technologies have enabled sensors to monitor motion, heat, water and humidity, and other environmental conditions.  It’s easier than ever to instantly know if something in your home is outside the normal range. 

Water damage from a leak can be a very costly proposition.  With sensors placed in strategic places, a water intrusion – whether from a pipe or a roof leak – can be caught early and addressed.  Similarly, if you have a prized wine collection in a special room, a sensor can keep tabs on temperature, humidity, and light, and alert you if anything is off. 

A Backup Plan

Traditional alarm systems alerted monitoring services through landlines. A potential intruder could cut the phone lines coming into a home and disable the call.  Similarly, a shutoff of the main power from the outside could disable any powered cameras and internet-based communication alerts. 

The solution?  Your system should be equipped to use the cellular system for backup to communicate to a professional monitoring service. In addition, you should have battery backup for the alarm system as well as your home network and security cameras.  That way you have several layers of protection should any malfeasance occur. 


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