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Should You Get a Professional Home Network Installation?

Breaking Down the Benefits of Professional vs. DIY

Should You Get a Professional Home Network Installation?

These days, you can find just about anything you could possibly need for home networking at your local electronics store. They’ve got routers, wireless access points, Ethernet cables…you name it. Yet despite the availability of DIY home network solutions, savvy Texas homeowners still consistently opt for a professional installation, and with good reason. If you’re questioning whether to DIY your own networking solution or invest in a professional network installation for your Westlake area home, then read on.

Smart Homes Require More than the Minimum

It’s tempting to grab the cheapest router on the shelf, set it up with the default settings, and call it a day, but if you’re planning on using your network with multiple smart devices, that process simply isn’t going to cut it. DIY is still possible, but be prepared to do extensive research on the best products, setup, and maintenance for smart home success.

There are several aspects of a professional installation that you simply cannot get with a DIY solution, and they all boil down to the level of knowledge and experience that comes from working in the home automation and networking industry.

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The Benefits of Each Option

DIY home network installations definitely have some worth. They don’t cost as much (although keep in mind the value of your time spent on research and manual labor), and they offer you an opportunity to stretch your technical skills and create something incredibly useful. However, these benefits pale in comparison to the security, reliability, and ease of having a professional installation.

The biggest advantage of a professional network installation is peace of mind. Trying to figure out which products play nicely together, where to install each device, whether to go wired or wireless, and how to increase security beyond the default settings is both difficult and stressful. There’s always the risk that the system might not be set up correctly or isn’t sufficient for future smart home automation needs. When you rely on a professional, you can rest easy knowing that your home network is ready for whatever you need, both for today and for the future.

Whether you’re seeking network pre-wiring for new construction or simply want to upgrade your existing setup, DB Media Solutions has the knowledge, skill, and experience to ensure you get a networking solution that’s perfectly fitted to your needs. Their team of networking specialists starts by evaluating your smart home’s specific environment and device requirements, then develop a customized solution that ensures your home has a robust and secure network that will stand the test of time.

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