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Recreate the Full Cinema Experience in Your Home

A High-End Home Theater System is as Good as a Commercial Cinema

Recreate the Full Cinema Experience in Your Home

Home theater system” is a term that can mean a lot of different things. You might consider the television, sound bar, and Blu-ray player in your living room to be a home theater of sorts, but it’s a very different movie-watching experience than what you would get in a dedicated home theater. For homeowners in the Colleyville, Texas area who really want the best audio and visual environment, here is the best approach:

Start with a Dedicated Room

One of the reasons why it’s so difficult to get that great movie quality in your living room is that the space isn’t designed for that purpose. Instead, the room is designed to accommodate other purposes, such as chatting with friends and family. The television’s placement is often an afterthought, based on where the sofa and coffee table look best. And there usually just isn’t a good place to install surround sound speakers.

That’s why it’s best to let your living room be a living room and leave the media systems to a dedicated room. A dedicated home theater is optimized in every way to be perfect for movie-watching. The seating is arranged for easy viewing of the screen, and surround sound speakers envelop you with immersive, robust audio.

Add in the Right Equipment

Not all home theater equipment is created equal, and the best speakers and projector for your system will depend on a variety of factors, such as the size and shape of the room. That’s why you should always leave the decision of selecting equipment in the hands of a home theater professional. A professional installer will be able to design a solution with the right mix of devices. Generally speaking, your home theater system should include a 4K Ultra HD projector and screen along with a Dolby Atmos surround sound system.

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Finish with Automation

A true theater experience is about more than the surround sound or visual quality. It’s about walking into a room that is already set up for instant movie enjoyment, with the right lighting, temperature, sound levels, and more.

Consider this common scenario: you walk into the room, turn on the light, turn on the projector, lower the screen, start the surround sound, sift through your DVD collection, insert the disc into the Blu-ray player, turn off the lights, and finally sit down to watch the movie. Not exactly the effortless, relaxing experience you’d get in a commercial theater, right?

With a smart home automation system, it looks more like this: you walk into the room, pull out your smartphone, and select “Movie.” Instantly, the theater equipment turns on, the lights dim, the thermostat adjusts to be slightly cooler, and the projector displays all the movies and streaming services you have at your disposal. You select the movie you want to watch using the touchscreen, and the movie starts.

If the prospect of adding the perfect movie-watching environment to your Texas home is an exciting one, then why not explore the options further? To speak with one of our home theater professionals, call (817) 980-0347, fill out this quick form, or click on the Live Chat window at the bottom of the screen.