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Looking for a Colleyville Home Security Company?

DB Media Solutions is Texas’ Top Choice for Smart Security

Looking for a Colleyville Home Security Company?

Finding a good home security company in the Colleyville, Texas area can be a challenge. With so many options, how do you ensure that you’re choosing a company that will be able to meet all your needs? Below, we cover the characteristics that set DB Media Solutions above the rest for smart security and surveillance.

Diverse Supported Technology

Watch out for companies that only do one type of security, like surveillance cameras. If you truly want your home to be fully protected, it makes sense to choose a company that can offer a wide range of security products and services.

You may not be aware of how many different security technologies are available, but consider exploring some of the options listed below:

  • Alarm systems: trigger audible alarms, silent notifications, etc.
  • High-definition video surveillance: view real-time surveillance footage from anywhere.
  • Smart entry systems: use fingerprints, personalized codes, geofencing, and more to give access to your property – no physical keys required.
  • Central monitoring services: have 24x7 access to monitoring services that alert you or the authorities the moment there’s a problem.
  • Smart sensors: track motion, water leaks, doors, windows, etc.
  • Fire and life safety devices: stay on top of carbon monoxide, gas, smoke, and more.

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Completely Customized Solutions

You shouldn’t be shoehorned into a preset security package. The devices or services that make sense for one home might be a completely wrong fit for you. And often with this approach, you end up paying for products or services that you never intend to use.

We develop fully customized home security systems for our clients, following a proven design-build process. Every project starts with an initial consultation where we learn what your security concerns and goals are, then we design a system that addresses each of those areas. We can offer expert advice on the best product mixes for your home.

Smart Home Automation Integration

Home security used to be completely standalone, but with the latest innovations in smart home automation, you can combine all of your smart devices into one system for easy management. From the same app or controller, you can manage your home media, lights, climate, motorized shades, security, and more!

Beyond the benefits of simplified control, adding smart home automation to your security system can actually enhance the safety of your home. For example, security motion sensors can trigger lights to come on at night if unusual activity is noticed. Or if a fire is detected in the kitchen, your smart home system can automatically power down all electronic devices and the HVAC unit to avoid fanning the flames. With automation, you have far more flexibility in developing a security system that addresses the unique needs and lifestyle of your family.

At DB Media Solutions, we take a proactive approach to making sure all of our clients are fully satisfied with the technology and services we provide. If you want to learn more about our security solutions, then give us a call at (817) 980-0347 or fill out this quick form.