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Interior Designers, are You Taking Advantage of LED Lighting Design?

Lighting Automation Transforms Good Design to Great

Interior Designers, are You Taking Advantage of LED Lighting Design?

As any good interior designer knows, proper home décor goes far beyond choosing a color scheme or artwork for a room. It’s about creating a cohesive design that evokes the right feeling at the right time. Recently, technology has advanced to the point where interior designers can use it to great effect within their décor plans. DB Media Solutions often works with interior designers on a particular smart home automation technology: Lighting control. Read below to learn how LED lighting design can enhance décor in every area of Southlake, Texas homes.

What is LED Lighting Design?

LED lighting design isn’t just about selecting a great fixture for the room. It’s about taking advantage of LED lighting’s versatility so that you can ensure each area has the proper look, no matter the time of day or chosen activity for that room. A great lighting design requires the right type of fixtures in the right locations—all connected to a central control system that allows the homeowner to adjust lighting scenes at the push of a button.

A Practical Example of Lighting Design

Automated LED lighting probably sounds like a good idea to you, but once you explore how lighting control can enhance your décor, we think you’ll better understand the true value of this technology.

Let’s use the living room as an example of what’s possible. The problem with designing living rooms is that they are used for so many different purposes. Homeowners might want to chat with friends on one day and then watch their favorite TV show on another. Usually, interior designers have to compromise on emphasizing artwork or sculptures with lighting because they don’t want to wash out the television for the homeowner. But lighting control allows you to do both.

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You can create a lighting scene that showcases the room’s décor and provides the perfect environment for entertaining friends: slightly dim overhead lighting with spotlights focusing on artwork, sculptures, etc. Then also create a lighting scene for watching television: the spotlights will lower, and even the window shades can automatically close to create a dim room perfect for enjoying the latest episode. All the homeowner has to do is press a button or issue a voice command, and the lights will transform before them!

How to Get Started with Lighting Design

Effective lighting design requires a lighting control system that connects all of the fixtures throughout the home, from can lighting to lamps. By working with a smart home automation integrator, you can leave the technology to us while you get free reign to design the best lighting for each room. Select the best brightness for each fixture for the most common “scenes” the homeowner will use: watching a movie, going to bed, waking up in the morning, eating a romantic dinner, etc. We program those lighting settings in the central control system so that the homeowner can adjust every light with the push of a single button.

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