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How Secure is Your Southlake Home?

Increase Safety with a Smart Home Security System

How Secure is Your Southlake Home?

While Southlake is one of the safest communities in Texas, the gorgeous homes in the area are the perfect mark for thieves hoping to score big. That’s why it’s essential that your home be adequately protected. So how do you know if your home security is up to par? Answer the questions below to find out for yourself. 

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Do you know whether all of the doors are locked?

We’re not talking about walking throughout your home every day, checking the doors one by one. A smart home security system can tell you at a glance which doors are locked and unlocked. Even better, you can lock all of the access points to your home with the push of a single button.

Can you see who is at the gate or front door?

Having surveillance cameras around your property is a great first step toward home security, but you also need to make sure they’re placed appropriately. You should definitely have the ability to see in real time who is ringing the doorbell or driving through the front gate.

Are you notified immediately about safety threats?

Smartphone integration is more than just a convenient feature for your home security system—it allows you to act quickly in the face of a threat. Receive alerts about attempted burglaries, electrical fires, water leaks, and more so that you can mitigate any damage immediately.

Can you control access remotely?

Lives get busy, and you won’t always be at your home to let in the cable repairman or cleaners. Either you cancel your plans and stay home, or you risk exposing your home by keeping a door unlocked when you leave. A strong home security system allows you to enable access to your home straight from your smartphone, keeping everything secure until you get a phone call from the person seeking entry.

Does your home respond to threats intelligently?

The best home security systems are smart. What we mean by that is that your home responds intelligently to different threats, taking steps to keep everything safe. If an electrical fire is detected, for example, the home can immediately shut down all electronic devices, shut down the HVAC to avoid fanning the flames, and notify the nearby fire station.

If it’s time for a security upgrade for your home, give us a call at (817) 980-0347 or fill out this quick questionnaire. We’ll work with you to design the perfect home security system for your needs.