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Finding the Speakers That Work for Your Whole House Audio System

So Many Speaker Options, So Little Time

Finding the Speakers That Work for Your Whole House Audio System

There are few things in life more exciting for fans of great music than the installation of their very own whole house audio system. But if you’re thinking about upgrading your Fort Worth, TX home with a new way to listen to your favorite tracks, you probably have plenty of questions. Not the least of which is this: which speakers are right for my space? In this blog, we’ll attempt to explain some of the general differences between speaker types and how you can benefit from using each. Read on to learn more!

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Wired or Wireless

Some homeowners struggle with the notion of going fully wired with their speaker units, or to go with wireless units. While it’s true that wireless units are quickly approaching the audio quality provided by their wired counterparts, they still don’t offer quite the same experience. Wired speakers are more reliable and ensure better sound quality overall, especially when streaming high-fidelity, lossless audio tracks.

Floor-Standing Speakers and Bookshelf Speakers

If you’re looking for big sound perfect for a dedicated listening room, floor-standing speakers are the way to go. Typically featuring multiple large drivers to handle all of the low and high notes, big cabinets to resonate the sound and all manner of other high-fidelity components, floor-standing speakers dominate every space they’re in. If you’re looking to define your music room, these are the ones to go with.

On the other hand, if you’re more aesthetically conscious, or you simply don’t want the speakers to take over your room, bookshelf speakers are a great way to get top-quality sound out of your system. Like their name suggests, they’re small enough to sit on a bookshelf or table, but offer similar quality to the larger units. Multiple drivers handle a diverse range of sound, while not taking up too much space.

In-Wall and Invisible Speakers

In-wall, or recessed, speakers are perfect for anyone who hates the look of audio components, but still loves the sound. These units reside within the wall, usually in recesses no larger than that of your average lighting fixture. Integrators take great care to distribute these devices evenly throughout the space, so you don’t have to crank the volume to hear the sound.

Invisible speakers are almost exactly like recessed speakers, but they sit behind a small grate covered with a thin layer of drywall. That means you never have to see any part of the device. As you can probably guess, the sound is slightly muffled when compared directly to an uncovered unit, but when taken in their own right they sound great.

Home Theater Speakers

While typically not part of the whole home audio system, your home theater speakers offer different capabilities than speakers used for music. Here are a few of the notable differences:

Soundbar: Soundbars are used to provide better sound for your flat-panel TV. Generally speaking, flat TVs don’t have the room to house quality speakers, so most homeowners resort to soundbars. Despite the way they look, soundbars are not just one speaker but multiple. Usually, the center speaker is designed to handle dialogue while speakers on each end of the device provide other tracks.

Sound Base: Some homeowners are confused with the difference between a soundbar and a sound base. Bases are larger, typically square-shaped units that are designed to act as a base for your TV. They also feature multiple speakers in a single unit along with built-in subwoofer.

Surround Sound Speakers: Surround sound speakers usually aren’t too different from your average music speakers. In fact, many homeowners use the same speakers for both movies and music. However, some capabilities of Dolby Atmos or other immersive surround sound can only be used with specialized up-firing or overhead units.


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