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A Quick Guide to Outdoor Sound Systems

Create the Perfect Audio in Your Backyard

A Quick Guide to Outdoor Sound Systems

If you’ve decided to add an outdoor sound system to your Texas property, then let us start by saying that is an excellent choice. Outdoor audio is a great way to get more use out of your patio or backyard, whether you’re big on hosting parties or simply relaxing by the pool. Of course, you’re going to want to do some research on the best brands and installation tips before you move forward. That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide that will help you get started. Learn about the best options for your Dallas home, then give us a call when you’re ready to move forward!

What You’ll Need

Your first thought when it comes to outdoor audio is probably speakers, and while you’ll definitely need those, there are some other aspects you might not have thought of. The sound system should also include a subwoofer, amplifier, control system, and wiring. We typically run cables underground so that the sound system has power without impacting the look of your outdoor space.

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The Best Outdoor Audio Brand: Sonance

There are a lot of brands for outdoor audio, but our go-to choice is Sonance. Their SONARRAY collection of subwoofers and speakers create exceptional sound and have never let us down when it comes to durability in the harsh Texas weather. The satellite speakers blend into the surrounding landscape—place them among bushes, flowerbeds, and paths. 

Figuring Out Your Speaker Layout

Once you have the audio equipment, it’s time to install it. But where should you put speakers? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is entirely dependent on the unique layout of your home. But generally speaking, you want to space the speakers out around the most commonly used areas of your backyard or patio. For many homes, the right approach is a circular layout with the speakers pointed inward (this keeps the audio from projecting toward your neighbors, who might not share the same music tastes that you have).

Keep in mind that water, plant life, and furniture can all affect acoustics. In short, the best strategy is to bring in an audio professional who can test the acoustics in each area and design a system that provides just the right sound levels for even, quality coverage.

Helpful Tips to Remember

  • You Get What You Pay For: Just like with indoor audio, the quality of the equipment matters. If you go for a basic, cheap solution, you’re going to get muffled, harsh audio and a system that likely won’t last for very long in the Texas heat. It’s better to do it right the first time with a brand that is well-known for reliability and performance.
  • Don’t Forget about Control: If you want to get a lot of use out of your system, then make sure that the control method is simple and straightforward. Our approach is to use a smart home control solution from Savant or URC to connect all of the components of the sound system together. Then, all you need is a smartphone or tablet to be able to manage your media the way you want. Lower the volume, change the playlist, or switch from one audio zone to another with just a tap on the touchscreen!
  • Set Up Different Sound Settings for Different Occasions: You’ll want very different loudness and bass levels for a fun party than for a quiet evening relaxing by the fire pit. Instead of spending five minutes tinkering with the sound settings, you can save those settings as smart “scenes,” then adjust your system instantly whenever the appropriate occasion arises. It’s a small thing that can really impact how much you enjoy your system.

Installing your own outdoor sound system is a time-consuming and difficult process, but DB Media Solutions can have your outdoor audio up and running quickly and easily. We are audio experts who can do everything from the initial audio assessment to final optimization. To learn more, contact us today.