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5 Design Tips for Your Home Theater System

Add Some Personality to Your Home Theater

5 Design Tips for Your Home Theater System

If you’re considering designed a home theater system for your Southlake, Texas home, we have a question for you: how do you plan on making it unique? You don’t have to settle for a cookie-cutter home theater design. Instead, you can make your space as personalized and fitted to your needs as you’d like. Of course, to achieve that custom theater look, there are a few design tips you should keep in mind, and you can read about them below.

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Choose a Theme

If you have a hobby, movie, or location that’s important to you, why not use that as a theme for your home theater system’s décor? Choosing a theme, whether it’s your favorite sports team or a binge-worthy television show, makes it much easier to create a cohesive design for your theater.  

Use Every Space

Yes, it’s easy to plan out the screen and the seating, but what about the ceiling? A popular design choice for home theater systems is to recreate the night sky above you. Twinkling lights provide ambiance to the space without causing too much extra light on your movie screen. Tie in the carpet pattern and lighting sconces into your chosen décor theme, and you’ll have a truly immersive theater experience.

Hide Your Speakers

A blatantly obvious speaker can break through the immersive décor scheme in your home theater, so avoid the clutter of devices entirely by hiding them behind the screen. In order to do this properly, you need the right type of screen—an acoustically transparent fabric that allows the speakers to transfer high-end audio without any loss of quality. 

Pick the Right Seating

Not all theater seating is created equal. While high-backed chairs might be perfect for your décor, they’re really not suited to a theater environment. To create the optimal acoustics for your movie’s audio, there shouldn’t be anything in between the speakers and your movie-goers. However, this restriction doesn’t mean you have to go with boring theater seating! There are plenty of theater seating options that have fabric and shape optimized for theater acoustics.

Control Your Lighting

Let’s face it—the stunning design of your home theater system is mainly for the “wow” moment when guests first enter the room, not when the movie is in full swing. For your guests to have that reaction, they’ll need to be able to see all the elements of the theater décor clearly. That means you’ll need a lighting control system that allows you to easily adjust the lighting to be the perfect levels before, during, and after the movie.

Before the movie, themed lights can illuminate the décor, highlighting different elements of the space. As the movie starts, all of the lights will fade except those lighting the path to the door. This keeps the theater dark enough for clear visuals on the screen. When the movie is over, just tap your control tablet or smartphone, and the room will brighten slowly, giving your eyes time to adjust to the difference in light.

Make your home theater truly unique with a custom design and installation from DB Media Solutions. To learn about the possibilities for your home, contact us today.